PortalStone, a Business Unit of V1M, Inc., was founded in 2001. Our Business Model emphasizes SBEs; and we’ve streamlined all elements of doing business with this sector.

PortalStone’s core business competencies are based solidly on the management consulting model whereby the client and solution are the central focus. PortalStone’s founder has an extensive background in running management consulting practices and projects and providing mission-critical technology management consulting services to many Fortune 500 companies.

PortalStone’s core technical competencies are based solidly in the technologies, disciplines and standards that support the online delivery of mission critical applications. This includes: Unix and Windows server operating systems; SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL and MySQL databases; webserver hardware; wide and local area networks; system, server, security and database administration; system architecture; and, software development. Our core technical competencies, and the importance that we place on them, insure the successful ongoing delivery of PortalStones’ business and enterprise class service.

We consider new clients through referrals. If you’re interested in finding out more about how we can help your business, contact us.